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February 8, 2013

#ineedmasculism Because I could not identify the abusive relationship I was in, because I did not know men could even be abused.

#ineedmasculism Because my sexual assault was dismissed as “You probably enjoyed it man.” and “A women could never do that to you.”

#Ineedmasculism Because my college is divided 70f/30m. Nationally it’s nearly 60/40. But There is no outcry to help young men.

#Ineedmasculism Because I know too many good, loving fathers, denied access to their children.

#Ineedmasculism Because my right to bodily integrity that Feminists clamor on about for pregnant women, was taken from me hours after birth.

#INeedMasculismBecause Prostate cancer which as frequent and dangerous as breast cancer gets low funding

#INeedMasculismBecause I am a nurse, not a male nurse

#INeedMasculism Because I turned a girl’s advances, and she had to announce to everyone at the party her thoughts on my sexuality.

Most of all, I need Masculism, because Feminists took a chance for men to air their complaints, and once again told them to shut up and mocked them.

When men come to the table with their issues, if your standard response is to mock and harass them. Don’t be surprised when they turn against your movement.

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